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Software Training

Repro Products has an Autodesk Authorized Training Center in our Smyrna Headquarters in which our certified technical instructors provide software training classes. Please click on the training calendar image to see regularly scheduled classes.

We are also equipped with a mobile lab that enables us to bring training to your location. If you would like more information on any of our training options, including custom training, click here to begin a conversation with our training staff.

Autodesk Training Calendar

Why we offer In-Person Training

Simply put: in-person training is still the #1 most effective training method available. Having been a Value-Added Reseller of Autodesk software for over 20 years, we directly experienced the transition of training techniques. For the type of software we support, newer methods rarely provide clients a level of learning comparable to traditional training. This is why quality, in-person training is a must for any enterprise.

In 1997, all of our open enrollment training classes were always full. AutoCAD was just integrating with Windows and some of our larger architectural clients were still implementing internal company email. Through the years, the software has changed. We have more architectural clients on Revit than AutoCAD, and our civil engineers and surveyors use AutoCAD Civil 3D. However, we have a large client base of contractors who still use AutoCAD. Whenever clients hired new employees, they would send them to train with us. And when clients navigated the transition from 2D to 3D, they had full implementation services that included classroom and project-based training — all at their fingertips.

When intranet bandwidth grew and travel budgets tightened, Repro Products witnessed the evolution of online training. The next progression was the explosion of pre-recorded online videos. Unfortunately, the path of least resistance is often the most appealing. This fact is especially true when it comes to properly training (and refreshing) employees in software systems accounting for 6-8 hours of daily use. Despite the advent of virtual training during leisure and between work tasks, students still learn better and retain more when training occurs in an uninterrupted, scheduled environment. Conversely, ROI on new software and versions remain the poorest when businesses leave end users to their own schedules to watch videos. Shortcuts eventually fall short.

Students who attend a live presentation via the web forego the burden of multi-tasking during training, while professionals in the engineering and design fields are typically caught up in projects. When students attempt to train while mired to a daily environment of fast-paced work, the chances of poor understanding and retention exponentially increase. In-person training allows the trainer to walk the room during exercises to see if commands being taught are being executed properly and it frees up students to ask questions in a truly interactive setting.

Some clients currently lack enough students for a dedicated class of their own. Or if they do, they cannot afford for all of them to be taking training at the same time. That’s where we come in. We offer clients the flexibility of combining their personnel with our other clients in order to qualify for the savings and benefits of a dedicated class.

We continue to offer open enrollment in-person training because we understand and value our clients’ actual business. Our primary software training venue is our training center in Smyrna, GA where classes repeat every 6-8 weeks. If this interests you, view our events calendar or reach out to us today for a quote and let us craft your training solution.

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