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DUNWOODY, GEORGIA, October 30 – Repro Products, Inc. hosted a Xerox Lunch & Learn at Maggiano’s at Perimeter Mall. Brian Cleary, National Account Manager and Xerox Office Specialist at Repro Products, covered the following topics:

  • Introduction: as a Cobb County business with 40 years of experience, Repro Products is the only Xerox Full-Line Agent and Document Technology Partner in the Atlanta marketplace
  • Workplace assistant: our ability to provide WorkPlace Assistants (formerly known as Xerox multifunction devices) for our potential clients
  • Painting a picture: a work environment in which employees work more productively using apps, paper documents become digital content and print infrastructure is optimized for maximum up-time, efficiency and security
  • Repro’s partnerships: our alliances with industry leaders like Xerox, HP, McAfee, Cisco, Papercut and many others to provide integrated solutions to support your business needs

Are you curious about the savings, productivity and results Repro Products and Xerox can bring your business? Repro Products delivers Atlanta the finest in office printing and imaging with all the backing of a Xerox Platinum Partner. Connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook to stay in the loop on great deals, networking opportunities and fantastic educational insights. And to engage a Xerox specialist in a one-on-one discussion, dial 770-434-3050 or click here to begin.

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Xerox ConnectKey technology revolutionizes your workflow capabilities with apps to ensure you get the job done. 

The way the world works has changed. Technological advances, such as: mobile-based applications, ‘the cloud’ and email have created a shift in demand for technology to improve workflows while limiting the need for paper.

However, paper has not yet died, in fact, an estimated 40 percent of business processes still require paper.

So this begs the question: How will we improve our workflows?

Well, your multi-function printer (MFP) is one way to bridge the gap between processes that involve a mix of print and digital documents. By investing in the right solutions that will streamline your business processes, you can limit the amount of time your workforce spends on menial tasks and thus increase the productivity of your team and your bottom-line.

To help tackle the task of improving workflows, Xerox announces the 2016 ConnectKey Technology enabled i-Series MFPs. The ConnectKey Technology ecosystem is a combination of hardware and a common set of software solutions and apps, developed by Xerox and its partners, to help simplify and improve the way our customers work.

Let’s take a closer look at the Xerox ConnectKey Technology and how it works:


Increase Productivity

The 2016 Xerox ConnectKey Technology enabled i-Series MFPs come loaded with a new service, the Xerox App Gallery. From this revolutionary portal, you can access additional apps for personal customization. Imagine setting up print and scan workflows that are connected directly to cloud hosting services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Office 365,  Microsoft OneDrive and Box, allowing you to print or scan documents that you’ve saved without having to connect to your computer. This is just one way that ConnectKey Technology increases your productivity.

Broaden Communication

Have you ever run into the occasional situation where documentation was in another language? Well, with the new Xerox Easy Translator Service you can translate any document easily from your ConnectKey MFP. Simply scan the document in the original language and select your output language, and the ConnectKey MFP will print the translated document at the device using machine translation. Even better, you can use this service with a picture from your smartphone or drag and drop from any document repository in our online portal at

Extend Mobile-Usability

Increase your productivity by extending your mobile capabilities with Xerox ConnectKey Technology. Regain wasted time and effort throughout your office with simpler processes and centralized print management. Add extra productivity with anything-to-anywhere mobile printing. And secure both your printers and printed documents.

Xerox has talked a lot about the ways you can make it easy for mobile workers to print from iOSAndroid and with the Xerox Mobile Print Solution, and the latest version of ConnectKey Technology makes it even easier. Embedded on the front screen of new i-Series MFPs are 2 apps that keep your mobile workforce productive:

@PrintByXerox App

Whether it’s from your laptop, your smartphone or your tablet, you can print to an MFP by sending your document via email to an @PrintByXerox email address.

QR Code

When you are using a Xerox app to print or scan from a device, connecting to the specific MFP you’d like to print to is now easier. Once the app is loaded on your smartphone or tablet, you can walk up to the ConnectKey enabled MFP and the device pairs with a simple scan of a QR code. This makes scanning, printing and sharing your documents to a multitude of repositories seamless.

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 Interactive Brochure
> Click here for a printable version of the Xerox ConnectKey Brochure

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BLI Imaging Software Line of the Year Award

Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI) announced Xerox Corporation as the winner of the “Document Imaging Software Line of the Year” award for 2016. 

Xerox WorkCentre 7970i

Award Winning Solutions

Three years in a row and counting Xerox Corporation has been crowned winner of the Document Imaging Software Line of the Year Award. Xerox three consecutive wins can be attributed to its exceptional portfolio of document imaging capabilities, including Xerox App Studio, Xerox DocuShare, Xerox Mobile Print Cloud and Mobile Print Solution, and Xerox FreeFlow Core.

Xerox Class-Leading Software Options

Xerox earned a multitude of points for its own class-leading software offerings:

“Xerox also benefitted from its excellent range of thirdparty partner solutions, including Nuance’s Equitrac print management offerings, NSi AutoStore and Nuance eCopy ShareScan capture/routing products, Print Audit’s accounting and fleet management tools, and a host of others.”

About BLI

For over 50 years,  Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI) is the world’s leading independent provider of analytical information and services to the digital imaging and document management industry. consumables. In addition to publishing the industry’s most comprehensive and accurate test reports on office document imaging devices, each representing months of exhaustive hands-on testing in BLI’s US and UK laboratories, BLI has been the leading source for specifications/pricing databases on MFPs, printers, scanners and wide format devices. With its “Pick” awards, BLI gives special recognition in each category twice a year to those products that provided the most outstanding performances in BLI’s exhaustive lab tests. Its “Outstanding Achievement” awards acknowledge products or capabilities that stand out for attributes such as innovation, usefulness, energy efficiency or value. “Line of the Year” awards, presented once each year, recognize the vendors whose product lines are judged to be the best in their respective categories based on their cumulative test results.

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Have you ever wondered why the antivirus software on your desktop or laptop needs to be updated so often? Well, the simple answer is that the software has to be constantly updated to keep up with the rash of new viruses being created every day so it can decide what to let into your computer and what not to.

That’s why Xerox has partnered with McAfee and Cisco to protect you and your clients’ information with no monthly updates needed. Why? Because McAfee’s whitelisting technology ensures only safe, pre-approved files and functions are executed on your devices, minimizing the need to manually update software levels against security threats. In other words instead of having to update your software with a list of files that it can’t run it has a “whitelist” of functions and files that it can. If any other programs or files attempt to enter through your print portal, the McAfee technology will shut it down. It’s similar to the technology used on ATMs.

When you combine that with Xerox’s Image Overwrite Protection with a 3-pass scrub process to ensure total deletion of all data fragments and encrypted PDF files for scanning as well as complete hard drive encryption, you have a security system that protects all aspects of your workflow. You won’t have to worry about being the next victim of client identity theft and having your company’s name smeared across the news headlines. There’s no wonder Xerox has won so many contracts with the U.S. Department of Defense.

The good news is that you don’t need to be the Federal Government or a large corporation to afford this kind of security. It comes on all of Xerox’s Connect Key Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs). So why take chances with your client’s information and your company’s reputation? You’ve got enough to worry about in today’s business environment. You have to bring in the business. Let Xerox MFDs from Repro Products keep them and their information safe and secure.

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Info Trends recently produced a study entitled U.S. Production Software Investment Survey 2015.  In this study, commercial print service providers and corporate in-plants were surveyed about their strategic business direction. The 120 respondents revealed both similarities and differences worth noting.  The survey, which also included questions about software usage and purchase intentions, as well as services offered, included a key question:  “Which initiatives best describe your strategic business direction in the next five years?”
Both the in-plant providers and commercial printers selected the following as top initiatives:
  • Reducing production cost and improving efficiency
  • Expanding to new print applications or services
  • Focusing on growing existing core offerings
 In-Plant & Commercial Printers
It is not surprising that both in-plant and commercial printers see reducing manufacturing costs as a top priority.  This strategy was selected by 81.4% of corporate in-plant printers as a key initiative of their business strategy and it was the second most selected initiative by the commercial printers at 57.1%.  It is also clearly imperative that both groups must expand their offerings to new applications and services in order to grow over the next five years as print volumes decline.  
Commercial printers also recognize the need to focus on specific vertical markets and industries.  In fact, this initiative was chosen by the highest percentage of commercial printer survey respondents with 67.5% choosing this strategy as one of their top three strategies over the 5-year period.  This movement is in line with the recommendation Barb Pellow, Group Director at Info Trends, has made in her presentations over the years.  Similarly, in the book, “The Winning Performance: How America’s high-growth Midsize companies succeed” authors D.K. Clifford Jr. and R.E. Cavanaugh say, “Midsize high-growth companies succeed by identifying and meeting the needs of certain kinds of customers – not all customers – for specific kinds of products and services. Business academics call this market segmentation, entrepreneurs call it common sense.”
For more information on how to achieve the top ranking initiatives of in-plant & commercial printers as noted in the Info Trends study, contact Repro Products.  One of our staff business consultants will perform a business analysis and assist you in creating a plan to work more efficiently, expand your offerings and market your services more effectively.

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Repro Products

Now that Repro Products is an Autodesk National Reseller and sells Xerox equipment, many of our customers do not know our background.  With a name like Repro Products Inc. (RPI), newer clients wonder how does that relate to what they do?  In 1979, Repro Products started as a reprographer.  In this, our first blog, join us for a brief walk down memory lane to see what has changed since 1979:
  •        The Bee Gees were topping the charts and Disco was King
  •     The Walkman represented the newest “gotta have it” technology
  •       A gallon of gas cost less than a dollar
In 1979, while nothing was coming between Brooke Shields and her Calvins, we were selling drafting supplies and were a blue printer.  It has been a long time since prints came out blue.  And a lot has evolved at Repro Products – it’s a good thing, or we would be a footnote to history like the 8-track tape.
Recognizing the need to change with our customers and technology, through the years we added products and services to align with advancements that affected our design and construction clients:
  • Our experience as a blue printer provided us with a unique perspective on engineering, architectural and construction industries and facilitated our move from selling drafting angles and tables into selling and supporting Autodesk Software.  We have now been an Autodesk reseller for over 20 years and are a Gold Partner and Autodesk Authorized Training Center.
  • Although we still do a lot printing for our clients, our print shop’s production services grew to incorporate digital services including managing plan rooms, metadata entry and data mapping.
  • Clients wanted to be able to print in their offices and on jobsites.  We became one of the South’s largest resellers of wide format equipment and service. 
In the last decade there was another shift — a larger demand for half-size prints.  Although printed on 11×17” paper, a half-size print requires more expertise from a printer than producing a regular office document.  Five years ago, we expanded our decades-long affiliation with Xerox and became a Platinum Xerox Agent providing multi- function and production devices that support not only our architectural and construction customers’ drawings but also the office staff and marketing teams (and production printers) from a wide variety of businesses throughout metro Atlanta.
One part of our business works diligently with our clients helping them make better BIM (Building Information Modeling) models.  The other part still prints 2D plans.  As the two worlds become closer and closer in technology, we changed from just being in architects’ and engineers’ offices to also being out with our construction clients on their job sites.  The experience of being in the field with our clients, working with them on projects they are trying to win and seeing the end results of jobs they pushed to make come together, we realized there were still some important solutions we needed to provide.
One large hole to fill was accurate building documentation.  Our clients need it to bid a project, plan it effectively, ensure it is being built correctly and to provide a more complete deliverable to their clients.  Everyone knows that as-built drawings are a myth.  And even with BIM-enabled construction sites, the need to ensure what is being built as it is being built is important.
We knew that 3D laser scanning was the answer to getting this vital documentation.  When choosing a 3D laser scanner manufacturer to align with, we needed the technology to be accurate, easy to use and travel ready.  We partnered with FARO because their scanners fit the needs for both our own services and our clients.  We offer the FARO line of 3D laser scanners as well as scanning services for those clients who do not want to do the scanning themselves.  We also rent scanners for those in between.
Just possessing accurate data is not enough, though.  We knew we had to own the proper data capture and use workflow.  Receiving data that is approachable and usable is vital to our clients’ success.  For our Autodesk software users, we train on how to actually use the data in the software.  Our non-design clients receive an accurate 3D image file that lets them move around, see and measure virtually but with real, accurate data.
So that is 36+ years of evolution in under 800 words!  Moving forward, our blogs will be specific to our lines of business so you can get timely information on just the subjects that interest you most: Autodesk software, 3D laser scanning, wide format printing and equipment and Xerox office and production equipment.  Check back here weekly to see what’s new.