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Managing PDFs Doesn’t Call for “Acrobatics.” Switch to Bluebeam.

No more contortions. No more juggling. And no more flaming hoops. Finally, a better PDF document solution tailored specifically to AEC workflows and designed by engineers.

As the title of this article hints, you’re probably well aware of the most popular PDF software on the market. And no wonder! It serves countless industries and remains a public staple for viewing and generating PDFs. But if you work in AEC, you cannot afford to manage PDFs on the same platform used by pub owners to print help wanted signs. Nor can you lean on the same PDF software a K-12 teacher uses to compose her syllabus. Precision, clarity and efficiency are paramount in your line of work, and QA means getting the job done right the first time, on time. And if your PDF solution isn’t up to the task of markup, then buck up for another all-nighter because the work isn’t going to finish itself.

Sound familiar? No worries. That’s where Bluebeam® Revu® rushes to your rescue.

Conveniently, Repro Products is a Bluebeam Silver Partner. Repro Products provides Atlanta businesses with a powerful toolkit of printing and imaging solutions, and our printer showroom has earned a choice reputation as a place where seeing is believing. Yet many of our visitors are pleasantly surprised to learn we offer Bluebeam and get to witness demos of how Revu performs in tandem with their hardware investments. We encourage our showroom visitors to get the most out of the tour by asking about Bluebeam. And for AEC professionals trapped in the inertia of mediocre PDF software: consider exploring Bluebeam Revu. It simply helps documents make sense.

Showroom Image
Repro Products showroom

Take a look at Bluebeam Revu’s attractive workflow features in the video and list below:

A Unique Software

  • Bluebeam Studio, the only real-time, PDF-based collaboration solution
  • Instantly connect project partners worldwide on the same set of documents through Studio Projects and Sessions
  • Activity tracking for improved transparency and trust

Best-In-Class Markup Technology

  • Easy-to-use and customizable industry-specific markups (markup tools and properties)
  • Save, centralize and share commonly used markups for better standardization (Tool Chest)
  • Attach, track, sort, filter and generate reports on markup data (Markups List)

Enabled Workflows

  • Advanced suite of customizable measurement tools
  • Document Comparison and Overlay Pages for tracking changes and quality control
  • Dynamic document set up and version control tools

Bottom Line Impact 

  • Save time reviewing and commenting
  • Increase efficiency with standardization
  • Reduce liability
  • Win more jobs with improved bid quality and shorter bid creation times
  • Reduce time spent on manual processes and errors
  • Reduce the risk of time and budget overruns with access to current information
  • Complete projects faster and more effectively
  • Reduce travel, shipping and printing costs
  • Reduce liability

From a business standpoint, Bluebeam achieves the three main objectives of maximizing productivity, improving project predictability, and minimizing risk. As a result, revenues increase, cost diminishes and risk gives way to greater certainty.

productivity diagram for PDFs

Case Studies

Bluebeam Revu helps people deliver on efficiency, collaboration, and productivity time and again, and has done so for over a million AEC professionals worldwide. But don’t take our word for it. See for yourself.

Case study: Mechanical contractor saves weeks by using Bluebeam Revu and allowing for simultaneous drafting and designing

Case study: Arup cuts design review time by 60% while maintaining quality with Revu

Case study: Civil Constructors save $50,000 on their first project with Bluebeam Revu

The next time you stop by our show room to demo a hardware investment, consider your entire document workflow and ask your rep how Bluebeam Revu can boost your operations. Or you can simply reach out to us by requesting a quote here or by calling in directly at 866-665-7604.

Bluebeam Revu is a registered trademark of Bluebeam, Inc., used under license.